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Want to Sell Or Trade (7) Meteor 044 10mm Pistons

Duke Thieroff

Duke Thieroff

Fill your hands, you SOB!
Jun 30, 2010
Beaver County, Pennsylvania
So here's the deal....

There's a difference in design here between the Meteor Stihl 044 10mm pin pistons and OEM.

Stihl 044 with 10mm Small End Connecting Rod

· Connecting Rod Width (small end) : 13mm

· Stihl OEM 044 10mm Piston, measurement between wristpin bosses : 13.38mm

· Meteor 044 10mm Pin Piston measurement between wristpin bosses : 15.4mm

Stihl 044/MS440 with 12mm Small End Connecting Rod

· Connecting Rod Width (small end) : 14.96mm

· Stihl OEM 044/440 12mm Pin Piston, measurement between wrist pin bosses : 15.33mm

· Meteor 044/440 12mm Pin Piston, measurement between wristpin bosses : 15.4mm

Meteor has sold over 400 of these piston in the past 3 years and heard of no issues whatsoever.....

After this was brought to my attention, me not being an engineer, I've decided to yank them until Meteor revises their design.

With that being said I'm looking to either liquidate my existing inventory of this piston at $25 each shipped or trade for something cool/good/interesting.

So...drop me a line if you're interested.

Thank ya!


Jun 16, 2013
That is standing up for your costumers and keeping them abreast of any and all issues. I would bet that you will sell a lot of these fast due to the fact that pistons go up and down, not left and right.


ArboristSite Operative
Nov 29, 2012
Give me a price with shipping to Berlin Germany. I will be there on 9th of april and can pay with Pay Pal. Thanks.