Pin Oak - Broken Bark by base of Tree

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    I have a 80 ft PIn Oak that has a few issues that I wanted to get opinions on. The tree is just outside of Philadelphia, PA.
    1) The bark on the North side near the base is breaking off allowing carpenter ants and beetles access. Should I do anything to stop this except spraying insecticide around the area? I am using Phantom by BASF. Should I attempt to put a TangleFoot Insect Barrier over cling film which would be difficult due to the the bark issue being so low on the tree. I regularly see carpenter ants going up and down the tree.
    2) Should the moss be removed from the tree? Is this why the bark cracked and fell off?
    3) I know letting the tree heal naturally is best but should I use TangleFoot Wound Pruning Sealer on the areas where the bark has come off.
    4) The top of the tree is not healthy with some die off and 1" to 2" diameter branches dropping. Is this due to the insect problem. Is there anything that can be done to help the tree?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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