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Pin oak struggling - now tree bark falling off



New Member
Jul 5, 2020
Charlotte, Nc
We’ve had quite a journey with our mighty oaks. We had two that were about 30 feet apart in the back yard. One larger and wider, one tall and existing fine on the perimeter of the other. Both were about 100 feet tall. I measured with a drone.

last year we had a pool built and it stressed out our larger oak to the point we had to have it removed. Over 70% of the canopy had died and the tree was spread out over much of the house driveway, pool.the base was over 48” across. We removed it For safety

the other tree seemed to be doing ok. But in the spring it took a while to leaf and when it did, approximately 40-50% of the canopy didn’t leaf. It seemed to be doing ok as the spring went on as we noticed a lot of new growth on the trunks. I think it will drop some of the old branches to regenerate and spread out now that it has a lot more room.

Then we noticed the bark flaking off. It was a trail of bark going up the south side of the tree revealing a greenish spore underneath. It started small a week or two ago. We’ve seen it grow and the squirrels are getting involved in shedding it.
If you spray the area where the tree lost the bark it “smokes” from the spores on the tree. Weird stuff.

is this normal growth expansion due to the newly available canopy? Or am I looking at another 100ft oak to remove? We hope it survives.


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