SOLD!!!! Ported & Polished Husqvarna 346xp

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    For sale is 1999 husky 346xp. It has been ported and polished. We are not a huge outfit just a couple guys who enjoy timbersports and want to get our name out there. The power head is oem husky. The port timing has been changed and the base gasket has been deleted. So, this machine absolutely screams. This saws runs comfortably on 93 pump gas 50 to 1 mix. All the features work as they should including the chain brake oil pump, kill switch, and choke. It will come with a 16" .325" bar. I included a picture of the compression number so you know what you are getting. Please zoom in and look at the pictures carefully. Who ever wants a smaller high performance saw will not be disappointed. Feel free to ask any questions I am happy to answer them.

    I am asking $450 shipped​

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