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SOLD!!!! Poulan/Craftsman Counter Vibe 3700. Very Clean.



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Nov 18, 2003
On Sunday I made time to put the muffler back on the Poulan. I stood there staring at the piston, and the rings looked as thin as a sheet of paper.
Thought about taking another picture of the piston/rings from a distance to prove how thin they are, but then I thought: "Why? It runs insanely strong and I like it. No need to fuss over it."
I imagine if you took a picture of a lady bug at a very close distance, it would look as big as a football.

Den , you could use a feeler gauge to check the ring thickness .
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Dec 17, 2015
Yes scottr, but my feeler gauges are buried in storage with 98% of my tools and belongings.
The rings looked paper thin when viewed at a normal distance.