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Prusik/Hitch Cord for building Work Positioning Lanyard

Adam Walton

Adam Walton

New Member
Jan 20, 2019
Central NJ
Hey everybody, this will be lengthy but hopefully it can help others looking for similar info. I'll also attach manufacturer downloads and helpful/relevant documents.

I am looking to build a custom positioning lanyard similar to the Sterling Ultimate Positioning Lanyard and the Teufelberger hipSTAR Flex Lanyard (closer to Sterling). Found awesome deal at local arborist supplier for a 12' TriTech E&E Flipline, so already have that plus a 32" 10mm E&E Beeline (see pg. 19 of Yale catalog). Here are links to prusik components on Sterling's site (links to the kit & flipline product pages are above).
-> 8mm RIT Thimble Prusik
-> 8mm RIT E&E Hitchcord (tended by pulley)
-> 8mm RIT Bound Loop Prusik

Looking to have slack-tending and adjustable connection while retaining 2-in-1 function, which the 3 above prusiks and appropriate hardware accomplish. Refer to a video/document on Sterling's system if this is unclear. I want to incorporate DMM's Pinto Pulley and biners, and am left with the question of hitch cordage.

First off, does anyone have any experience with hitch cordage on 11mm TriTech? I'd guess that 8mm prusiks would do better on an 11mm flipline (plus Sterling uses that size for all prusiks in their kit). Also not sure if a larger e2e would fit inside the Pinto as the Ocean 8mm does. Been looking at Armor-Prus, and if it does outlast Ocean than I'd go for that if compatible with TriTech. Also, anyone ever use/see a major benefit to a bound loop like Sterling's for hip prusik?

Next, what's everyone's preferences for hitch/split tail prusik length with a Pinto on a lanyard? Seems like 30" with a VT is popular/pretty standard. I get that with longer tails you drop back more and have more travel before moving the hitch's main coils. Also with the type of lanyard held constant, I understand that exerting the same force over a smaller diameter cord increases pressure on the lanyard (and more/harder binding?). Only thing I can't get remotely straight in my head is material compatibility between ropes, but as far as I know, there could be no clear-cut behavior or compatibility guarantees outside of manufacturers developing both together in a package.

I'm just branching out into expanding my setups, so I don't have prusik cord T&E under my belt with how different materials grab and behave on different host lines. Not sure if anyone has seen any patterns in terms of host rope and hitch cord material/construction compatibility. If so I'd love to hear, but I know the system and what knot implemented can completely change everything as well.

I found this article on Sterling's site, testing data on their own friction hitch cords and host lines. All in-house though, as expected. Thanks in advance to anyone who adds or just shares their opinion and experience. Hopefully this helps more than just me.




ArboristSite Operative
Dec 21, 2013
Todd NC
Tritech is fatter and stiffer than most 11 mil ropes. I have a lanyard setup with a 28" (I think) e2e in epicord 9.3mm. tied in a michoacan, less sit back than a vt and tends super easy, and will still hold and release on a single line configuration. The 9.3 eyes still fit the pinto, not sure of a 10mm will. Are you sure your oceans is 8mm? I beleibe that's what the actual CE lanyard uses. It should fit in the pinto