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Ready To Do My First Porting.



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Sep 23, 2013
Bedford, Virginia
I've been studying porting saws for months. I have watched dozens of YT videos, some great and some not so good. I've watched Smithy, Tinman, Mastermind, Donnie and others.
I've also read everything I could find. I've looked at hundreds of post and pictures here and elsewhere.
I have all the bits and tools.
I believe I'm ready, but I will probably be back to ask a stupid question.
My first will be a 046.




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Jun 15, 2019

Don't lower the floor on exhaust, don't raise the roof on intake.

Should the degrees be equal for in/out duration?

I want Power but a long-lasting reliable chainsaw is much more preferred.

I realize I'm not the smartest guy that has ever walked this planet, but this video is one that actually made sense to me.

I tried watching other videos and it drives me insane how they cannot get to the point or give any kind of math. Not there to hang out with a buddy, I'm there to learn something and even some of the videos that I played on two times the speed just never getting to the point.

So if anybody feels that they have a firm understanding of porting please chime in.

What I'm looking for is this degree should match this degree, should not go more than this or that.

I don't care about the word salad for Squish and blow down and all that type of stuff, I understand that. Yes I know make the openings wider and not taller so you don't screw up your rings.

What I want to do is the best intake to exhaust ratio. I use Husqvarnas and I don't play around with the spark timing.

Sorry to sound like a jerk, I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment and I'm not really here to hang out or be one of the boys. I want to know what I'm doing and not just do what I know. Savvy?