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Replacing crank seals on an 066

Discussion in 'Chainsaw' started by glennschumann, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. glennschumann

    glennschumann ArboristSite Operative

    Dec 6, 2007
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    Milwaukee, WI
    I'm a fairly handy guy (I work on 4 stroke small engines regularly, and I've put a new clutch in my car) but I'm concerned about putting new crank seals in my 066.

    I have a manual, and it looks like I would need a flywheel puller, a seal puller, and a tool to put the seal back in. I may have a puller for the flywheel that will work (looks like like one for a bike crank), or I can buy one, but I'm wondering if I need the specialized seal tools to remove/insert those. Can I pry them out with a dental pick or the like? Can I press them in with a pipe or socket? Is the depth to push them in so critical that I would need the special tool? I'm sure some of you have done this.

    By the way... I'm considering doing this as I think I have a small leak (I cannot kill the engine by backing the idle screw all the way off) and it seems like good preventative maintenance. Yes, there may be a leak elsewhere, that would be my next adventure.

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. If there is somebody in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area that would rent the tools to me, that would be awesome!

    If this task requires that I purchase all sorts of specialized tools, I will probably support the American economy by paying $ to my fellow American worker at the Stihl dealer.

    If this task can be done effectively with few specialized tools, I will probably support MY economy, and keep my checkbook in the black while training an American worker in a new skill (me).

    As always, thanks to the collective wisdom of AS, and I hope to continue to contribute as I can.
  2. AndyR

    AndyR ArboristSite Operative

    Nov 20, 2007
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    Central Illinois
    I am in a similar situation with my 066. I have it pretty well disassembled and have bought and replaced a number of parts myself. I wanted to have the crank seals replaced while I had it all torn down and took it to my dealer for this as, like you mentioned, I didn't really want to spend the extra money on the tools.

    Now here is the situation with the dealers in my area. The shop where I took the case has had it for about two months and I don't even think the service guy has even looked at it yet. I called another dealer, with a service dept., last weekend and the feeling I got was that they didn't really want to be bothered. Primarily because of the warranty issue on the work. He said that if they put new seals in, and it was still leaking air somewhere else then who is responsible? I kind of understand this as all of us customers are different and some are very quick to point fingers. I wasn't really looking for a warranty on the job. I thought it was only about a half hour - 45 minute job to pull the flywheel (clutch is off) and pull and replace the seals, should be around $50? parts and labor...I think. By the time I'm done with this saw I could probably have bought a new one.:cry:

    He spoke to his service man and said I could drop it off and he would look at it but it would take a week or two...

    My point is, you might be better off in the long run to buy the tools. Or as you are trying to do, borrow or rent them.

    Just sharing my experiences.
    Good luck
  3. Lakeside53

    Lakeside53 Stihl Wrenching

    Dec 25, 2004
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    Woodinville, WA
    Read this thread..


    Seals - they won't come out with a pick.. there are many technigues to get them out but it's only a few minutes with the correct tools. Puting them back in - you can use a socket. Drilling holes into them first -I don't like that.. way to much chance of crap in the bearings.

    For one saw, I wouldn't buy any tools... Take it to your dealer and have him do it. Maybe 30 minutes If they take their time.. The above situation - I'd yank those parts and take it somewhere else.

    However.. are you sure you need to do both? it's usually only the flywheels side, and in 066, faiure of seals are relatively uncommon unless you have bad bearings etc.. I'd pressure/vac test the saw first..

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