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Root issues



New Member
Jun 29, 2020
Hi, I’ve recently learnt about girled roots and too much mulch etc, I came across this while trying to figure out why my ash tree was dropping bark all over the place. Apparently that’s full of ants, according to a tree trimmer. So I’ve given up on that.

Anyway I am specifically worried about 2 red maples (I think) in my front yard that I’ve been pilling mulch on for 10 years. I quickly went out and spent the day pulling back mulch and dirt to see if I could see this door flare. I believe it see it, but I think I also see girgled roots. Any advice? I cut a couple but I’m scared to hurt the tree. One has grown into the tree. 1C3A3352-1472-4730-BD59-3566DCA73916.jpeg 1C3A3352-1472-4730-BD59-3566DCA73916.jpeg FA7E1F83-1378-4B5B-9401-4D05BD11AAA5.jpeg 0425EB0E-DA08-403B-A223-CFE3EFF7BC62.jpeg
You can see on the photos how much dirt and mulch I’ve removed.