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Samson Days: FREE hand-spliced tight eyes on select ropes, + more



ArboristSite Operative
Apr 20, 2009
Bellingham, WA
Hey folks,

We are really lucky to have Samson Ropes just a few miles away from us. We're very lucky to have such a great manufacturer in our same county. Because they make such a good product, and they're local for us here, we're always trying to find ways to partner up with them and offer you a good deal.

For the next two weeks, we have a couple of great offers on 4 Samson climbing lines: Hawkeye, Bigfoot, Vortex (hot) and Velocity (cool).

Use coupon "SAMSON-A" and get 15% off those four lines, and FREE hand-spliced tight eyes!

Use coupon "SAMSON-B" and get 15% off those lines when you buy them with a SEWN splice, and get a FREE RockO double-locking carabiner.

Both of these coupons expire 5/15/16.

We have one more coupon that is going all month: "HALFPORT" - buy any diameter of Samson Stable Braid 150' or longer, and get 50% off a Port-a-Wrap.

That's it for us right now, but we'll be doing more 'Samson Days' throughout the year.

Stay safe,