Shade Tree Recommendations for Denver Suburb

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    Hello All,

    I have some Aspens in my backyard (I didn't plant them) and they are starting to die off after some traumatic storm/construction damage. The trees provided a significant amount of shade for my home and my neighbors house. I'm looking to replace them with something with a longer lifespan and a little bigger. I've been looking on my own for some time now and have narrowed my list down to a few trees but thought I could benefit from some professional input.

    I live along the front range in Colorado, just outside of Denver. I believe our growing zone is 5a. Elevation is approximately 5800' at my house. Our soil tends to be slightly alkaline (pH around 7.5) and contains a fair amount of clay. Drainage at the planting location is okay but water will pool in a heavy rain, normally disappears within 20 minutes of rain stopping, does not remain muddy. The planting location is in full sun and flat. We already have two Maples (previous owner said they were dwarfs), and an Ash that is on it's way out as well. The picture below with the X in it indicates the rough location for the new tree. The aspen on the left side of the frame is approximately 30' tall and only has foliage left 15' or so above the ground. The new tree is replacing that aspen so it will not be competing with it. The house is approximately 20' away from the x, the fence is approximately 10'. The maple depicted in the other pictures is approximately 20' away. The patio is about 10' away from center of hole.

    The top of our list includes Ginkgo Biloba Autumn Gold, Linden Greenspire, Kentucky Coffee, and Turkish Filbert. We're starting to find the the Greenspire is very popular so we are shying away from that, but if it's the only option we're open to it. We want something unique.

    Our main priorities are rate of growth, resistance to drought, wind, snow/ice, and other environmental hazards. We would prefer a gold/yellow foliage in fall but that is not necessary. Also preferred is something that brings in wildlife.

    Any other suggestions or input on the above list?



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