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Should rigging ropes be spliced differently than climbing ropes, if they're both 1/2" class-1 DB's?



Jun 25, 2019
Or, for 3/4" rigging ropes?

I'd learned splicing DB class1's with Blue Moon (11.7mm climb line), but since then have done a lot more ropes including 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 polydyne (bull ropes and, for 3/4, for anchor-slings) and I simply copied the same 'ole "Samson class-1 DB splice" video&written-guide (which I cannot endorse highly enough, would bet 95% of climbers could succeed with a 1st splice in just a couple hours w/ Samson's great materials, just going slow & being precise to the instructions)

But upon relistening to a podcast yesterday where the guy from 'fids & fibers' made a distinction between "DB C-1 climb lines & looser rigging DB's", still don't "get" what he could've meant --- if you've got 1/2" polydyne, and a 1/2" climb line(ie a much tighter cover//core), would you approach their splices differently? I've found myself making deeper buries, although that's not "because of rigging-v-climbing lines" it just seems/feels like "good redundancy"...am defaulting to lock-stitching but I use a 3/4 p.dyne sling that I "whip-stitched" and the 'bars' of that are still A-OK after some heavy drops onto it (and I'd spliced it with same approach as I'd used on my b.moon, but after hearing him make that distinction I kinda wish I'd added 50% longer buries just 'for redundancy'!)

What do you think when tasked to splice a climb line + a rig line, do you do them the same way? The longer buries are the only deviances I've made from Samson's guidelines for db's, hollows, kernmantle(actually that was adapted from teufelberger as Mercury "isn't spliceable" ;) ) and they're great so far as in-practice but they make no distinction between a loose 1/2" DB bullrope and a tight 1/2" DB climb line(say, Nystron 1/2 V 1/2 Vortex)?

Thanks for any input on this one, hearing that splicing-pro make that "loose-v-tight" distinction has me unsettled, but "logically" I know my lock/whip stitches are fine and that Samson isn't making that distinction, and that nobody else seems to approach them differently, but I can't even be sure how this pro would've altered his approach (am presuming just a longer bury on looser rope? Maybe some "delayed/shorter" tapering-cuts to make beefier innards?)