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May 8, 2008
Olivet, MI 49076
Firewood man gets perturbed.

For those not wanting to download 16 minutes of video:

Guy puts a firewood for sale sign up on his corner lot, by the roadway.

County Worker tells him to move it off the corner as it's a line of sight hazard for the corner/intersection.

Guy moves it across the driveway well away from said corner and county worker says that's fine as long as it's not in the right of way.

Guy asks county worker where said right of way is and county worker says he has no clue, but it better not be in the right a way or he's is taking and destroying.

Guy tells county worker that if he comes on the property he will kick his ass and possibly shoot him.

County worker gets bosses involved who immediately call the Sheriff.

Sheriff arrives and tells county guy to stay off his property.

County does a survey of his property to find out where he can and can't put his sign. Finds out the original location is his property. Guy finds, due to county ordered survey, that their road was built in his yard. Guy tells county they have 24 hours to remove their road and signs from his property. They try to eminent Domain him, but fail.

County signs a lease with the guy for the area so they can leave the road how it is.

Months, years pass. State has a soil sample crew show up to take samples on guys property.

Guy runs them off.

They show back up with a search warrant and get samples.

Samples show his property is contaminated.

Guy has proof that the state knew it was contaminated when they owned it 12 years ago.

State sends out threatening letter fining him 5k a day until it's remediated.

Guy says F you, no. And while we're at it if it's contaminated what is the state doing about its property along the roadway that's also contaminated.


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Sep 4, 2007
I just watched that guy on youtube and his follow up video.

I know there are two sides to every story, but it sure looks like they are out to get him.

He isn't the first, I've seen it happen and know people that it has happened to, in a smaller scale.

Hope he wins big, need to make an example of "public servants" that start to think they run the government.


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Mar 20, 2009
Victoria Australia
That’s what impressed my wife and I when we travelled around Europe last year. If you’re going somewhere then you get there pronto No 110km/h rubbish, full speed ahead

yeah it was on high speed train in southern China last weekend pretty kool until you find out the 1st class carriage is hooked 400 metres to rear & not at the front as would expect,,,,... and you got to show your passport e ticket and immigration form again and again to every bell hop, ticket inspector, cop, conductor, spy operative, customs like at every turn ffs... by end if trip I filling out all kinda crap on the form cuz they cant read english and no one can read my hand writing most times they dint even look so Iva biggin or Sum#unt Sing is recorded to be travelling in Taishan, Jiangmen & Guangdong as he que for hours and then his e ticket never work in the e machine.