Some WTF pics.....



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Jan 29, 2014
Nice stitching. My son sliced his thumb with my bandsaw, and the stupid doc totally butchered it. A retarded blindfolded monkey could have done better.

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I did better on the leaves than the logos. What's the alligator??
The first time I had skin cancer surgery was a basal cell ulcer on my wrist at the base of my thumb. The doc was a young lady and obviously right out of med school. I watched her cut and stitch the wound back up. Her hands were shaking, and she seemed to be very nervous.After she finished there was a raised, open crease in the middle of the stitches that took forever to finally heal.I think a medic could have done a better job. In hindsight I should of stopped her and demanded that another of the many doctors at this practice do the surgery or just left and gone to another doctor after seeing she was obviously incompetent.I did not go back there again.The doc I have now is very skilled and a great surgeon.