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Some WTF pics.....



My 'stache is bigger than yours.
Jan 22, 2009
S. Il. near St. Louis
Yeah, other time when I fired I didn't hear a thing, my mind didn't know the gun had gone off. I looked down at my gun and saw the slide returning to battery, that is when I knew I had fired.
Brass was turning in the air, time stood still...
The mind is far more powerful than we know, most people don't use a fraction of it, but when you are scared it kicks into high gear.
I had a similar experience. In college, I did a lot of sleeping, but one afternoon I fell asleep down the hall in our dorm on a friend's top bunk. He didn't mind, but after a while he decided to wake me up by squirting me with water.
If there's one thing I hate, it's getting squirted with water when I'm sleeping.

I don't know the 'hows' of all of this, but I was instantly fully awake and launched myself into the air in a single movement. I was looking at the guy with every intent to do him bodily harm, when it occurred to me that he was still standing there with a stupid grin on his face. I wondered why he wasn't trying to get away. Then I noticed his face slowly turning from a look of bemusement to a look of "oh crap, I'm in trouble now" and he slowly turned around toward the door. I was wondering why in the hell he was moving so slowly, and then I realized I was still in the air, moving slowly myself, and if I didn't move faster, I wouldn't be able to catch him. I finally landed as he managed to slowly complete his turn and painstakingly plod out the door, and I began to slowly run after him as fast as I could. But my body wasn't fully awake, and my legs collapsed under me, sending me sprawling across the hallway and smashing into the door on the other side. Then everything went back to normal speed. I've never had that kind of thing happen before or since, but it is the most curious thing!