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Some WTF pics.....



Old enough to know better.
Feb 26, 2008
Kansas City
Unc's private airplane for the family reunion trip. Notice the extra high capacity landing gear & brakes.


I think the first pic of this plane has been posted here before, but I don't recall the posterior view.

"Soviet "K-7", great-grandfather of passenger aircraft"
It looks like it would never fly, but it did (Well ok. Not the one pictured here). At least long enough to kill most of it's 15-18 crew.

Passengers (120) would sit inside the wings. They were 7' 7" thick (2.3 meters).

And...you gotta love the gun turrets in the landing gear. WTF!

Speaking of "WTF": why are the photos posted at the top so different from some of the others and the historical specs? My guess is that the plane that actually flew wasn't the behemoth with 20 engines, pictured above.

The real plane that flew:

Hoaxslayer says: "While the K7 was certainly large, these images depict an aircraft much larger than the one that was actually built. The images also show a plane with more engines – 12 rather than the actual 7 – and considerably more firepower than the original aircraft."

And...it seems that hoaxslayer couldn't count the engines in the fake pics either!​