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Some WTF pics.....



Tree Freak
Dec 9, 2010
northern calif., around auburn
A true WTF moment was 18 years ago. We were living in Gander, NL at the time.

This is what I wrote at that time:

Today was Friday September 13, 2001. We went to work at 4 am and at 6 am the Salvation Army called asking if I could help out with providing desserts for 150 of the passengers. So I said I'd make up three slab cakes and spread some icing on it, that would be the quickest. Well, I got the cakes in the oven then we got busy with breads and donuts etc. I knew I wouldn't get the cakes done for that morning so I made up 3 dozen cinnamon rolls to help out the Salvation Army until I could get the cakes done.

Out in the seating area of our bakery I installed a tv a few years ago for customers to watch. While I had a few minutes break I took a quick peak at the tv. I saw where President Bush was asking American citizens to wave their flags. BING! I had an idea. Why not make the cakes into USA flags? It took a little longer to make up and I've never made one before but I think they turned out pretty good. I ended up with 216 flags.

I'm sure the kids will enjoy it as well as the adults. Hopefully it will pick up their spirits while they are waiting to get home.


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