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Want to Sell Stihl 090G (Vintage- Collectible) Chainsaw with Manual (Back on Ebay)

Willie nearn Jr

Willie nearn Jr

ArboristSite Lurker
Nov 12, 2012
SouthWest Michigan
Now (Back) on Ebay $800 (Click on Link on Bottom) (Hartford MI.)
20171226_155842.jpg 20171226_155849.jpg 20171226_155856.jpg 20171226_155929.jpg 20171226_155950.jpg 20171226_160119 - Copy.jpg 20171226_160227.jpg No number on truck.jpg Stihl 090G (Vintage- Collectible) Chainsaw with Manual
This is the rarer model G (Gear Drive)
This is the model they used as a milling saw and felling saw.
This 090 G with the Helper Handle and 60" bar setup is a rare find indeed.
Runs Great! (Original listing was pulled because my phone# was in truck photo)