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Stihl Carb Adjustment Question

Discussion in 'Chainsaw' started by leeave96, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. leeave96

    leeave96 ArboristSite Operative

    Feb 29, 2008
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    My trusty 034 needs a bit of carb adjustment and before I break out the screw driver, I need some refreshment on adjusting the carb.

    Low speed screw: Adjust it until you have smooth acceleration when you mash the trigger - right?

    High speed screw: Adjust for power, but not to lean as to destroy the engine - right? But how lean? Don't have a tach.

    Idle screw: Adjust so the saw will idle low enough not to spin the chain - right?

    BTW, the 034 runs great, but here lately when I get finished a hard cut or set the saw down, it will idle for a bit and abruptly quit. Any suggestions?

  2. willsaw4beer

    willsaw4beer Addicted to ArboristSite

    Oct 16, 2008
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    Southern Finger Lakes Region of NY
    The saw stalling out could be attributed to a few things. Hopefully it just needs a carb adjustment. The other possibility is an airleak- check the fuel lines, etc. or the crank seals could be shot. I normally turn my H & L adjustment screws all the way in, then turn them out a full turn and richen them from there. Tune the carb when the saw is warmed up.

    *Also- the H should be adjusted so that there is a 'burble' at WOT. For the L, I find where it idles the fastest and richen from there; somewhere in the happy medium where it's not going to stall out and throttle response is good. You are correct on the idle screw adjustment.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
  3. Fish

    Fish Account Hold

    Apr 22, 2001
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    Loretto/Manton Ky.
    Trying to adjust out a running problem will leave you with a nice box of parts.

    You need to find out what is wrong, start at the carb and fuel system.

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