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Stump grinding in the dfw area. I could use a little help

Discussion in 'Business Management' started by Mulchingdallas, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Mulchingdallas

    Mulchingdallas New Member

    Feb 14, 2017
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    I'm a long time lurker on this forum and have read every post there is about stump grinding. Great site btw

    Here's the deal.

    I've been tossing around the idea of buying a stump grinder (Carlton 4012) and starting a stumping business. I know my way around the equipment and can do all my own repairs. I used to work for a now defunct equipment repair shop in dallas.
    I'm having a hard time "feeling out the market" I'm not a business guy but I do know simple math. Pay x for machine and repairs and do x number of jobs for x amount of dollars you'll know what goal you need to set each month to make a profit.
    I would like to eventually do this full time. I figure I could start doing it after work and on the weekends and maybe become the go-to stump guy for you tree guys in dfw. I'm not looking to get rich. I'm just looking to eventually be able to clear $20,000-40,000 a year with it.
    I genuinely love the work.
    I am not NOR will ever be a tree guy. I don't do heights on wobbly things while holding sharp objects.

    I guess my question is...
    Do you think the Dallas area is a good place for starting a stump grinding business or do you think our market is over saturated?
    What are the average prices for stumps in the area? I respect other people's time and I can't lower myself to having companies come out and quote my stumps just to see what prices we have here.

    Just looking for some direction.

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