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Teddy Bear Magnolia diagnosis



New Member
May 25, 2020
Cypress, TX
Hi all, new student of trees. I recently cut down my pines because of what their roots were doing to my yard, as well as what their needles and cones did to my yard/cars! Come to find out, there were not getting enough water and so the roots had come topside looking for water. I decided to start over with a Nutall Oak and a Teddy Bear Magnolia in both the front and back of my house, one of each in each location. My TBMs have been a bit troublesome. My Nutalls are looking great.

I had a local nursery plant 2 teddy bear magnolias for me on March 29. Since then, I have been picking up leaves on a daily basis and monitoring what I think is some sort of sickness. Initially my nursery told me that I had a fungus and that they did not warranty against fungus. I am OK with this, just want to know how to best care for my new babies.

Observations on BOTH TBMs:
-Initially there was some white powdery substance on a couple of the new leaf sprouts (white powdery mildew?). HAS NOT CONTINUED.
-Leaves continue to discolor and die prematurely, even newly sprouted growth.
-There are white dots on the leaves that do not rub or wash off (fales oleander scale?).
-Brown amoeba like shapes appear on some of the leaves before they die.
-Leaves of all sizes are dropping. Leaves further down the branch as well as fresh sprouts (new this spring)

-Twice applied spray on Infuse (due for next treatment any day)
-Once applied Fertilome Tree & Shrub Insect Drench.
-Daily pickup of dropped leaves so as not to spread

Can you help me determine what is going on with my TBMs? What is natural and what should I treat?

IMG_9668.jpg IMG_9670.jpg IMG_9671.jpg IMG_9672.jpg IMG_9678.jpg