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The Perfect Fire



Tree Freak
Feb 6, 2007
You know that 2AM out on the line trying to keep halfway alert feeling? That's when meaningful trivia begins, like name all the Brady Bunch, or deep discussions about The Three Stooges. One topic that came up was the perfect fire location. I thought about this whilst riding my bike past a couple of engines mopping up a one acreish fire that must've burned during the night. The location wasn't bad. It had a bit of shade, was close to roads, and the irrigation ditch provided water. I gave it a 7.

The perfect fire would be near a lake with a nice beach. It would have restaurants/bars nearby. Shade and water would be plentiful and roads would be nearby so no pissbag work would take place. A laundromat would be a plus as would a grocery store. That seems to be what I remember was decided.

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