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Top and drop use of grcs and directional pulled

Discussion in 'Tree Care Videos' started by jamin alegre, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. jamin alegre

    jamin alegre Tree Whisperer

    Aug 15, 2014
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    New jersey

    What u dont see. (left of direction of fell)
    You cant tell but tree had a back and side | lean over fence. Would of had to lower everything in neighbors yard.
    If you look when my reduction cut falls, i had a rope tensioned to that oak tree you see dead center in distance by(G.R.C.S)

    That took care of my back lean.
    Side lean i needed to pull to my right, actually found a tree in front yard, far right of house, and thats where I put Termination end into a porta - wrap and locked rope at length needed to make a directional piont aimed at center of house, sliding doors.
    i attached a pulley to the end and pulley to the rope attached to Grsc.
    After Tree/ropes were tensioned and tree was straight I went up and cut.
    One of main reason I cut so big was not only to save time, It was mainly so the trunk I was cutting from didnt spring back 15' and throw me around.
    As tree was being tensioned I watched the tree and at that spot I cut from was its least resistance, the part of the tree that didnt move far from its original place.

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