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What are these dirt pieces on my car?

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Aug 29, 2013
Cant see the pics but prob Gyspy Moth droppings.
I agree can not see pictures either. If under trees, gypsy moth excrement. Good stuff, I can go take a few pictures of it. Gypsy moths where so bad here in mid-late 90's trees had been stripped of leaves and they started feeding on pines. County started a Gypsy moth suppression program, Manager and team of people counting egg masses on trees to determine if aerial spraying of BT was needed. Caterpillars everywhere and so was their crap. If it rained you better be ready to slide to your car. Wife uses and umbrella to go outside. I finally had enough and built a sprayer for back of tractor, had family leave for several hours and used a different agent. Neighbor borrowed my sprayer for same program. Between oak wilt and moths, oak trees have taken a huge hit in this area. I am sure elsewhere also.