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SOLD!!!! Wigglesworth Ported MS660 *Minty



Ex-Climber with CAD
Feb 27, 2016
Upstate NY
Hate to do it but my truck blew up, bought a newer truck and now that is back in the shop. Figured I’d see if any interest. Xmas is almost here and kids are ‘spensive (who knew)

Short story:

Bought it from A/S member LowVolt, fired it up, said holy chit and shelfed it since. Just clocked .3 on the hourmeter when I warmed it up.

Long Story:

She’s a beaut but I haven’t been able to bring myself to cut with it or even sell it for that matter but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Figured I’d throw it up for a couple days.

Here is LowVolts old Ad/description from when I purchased it this past summer..

“I have a minty STIHL MS660. I bought the saw 4-5 years ago from young. The saw was ported by Jeremy aka Wigglesworth. If you are unfamiliar with his work he is VERY knowledgable and does some amazing port work. He is very busy like us all and does not do alot of port jobs so a saw ported by him coming up for sale is rare.

A few details about the saw. I believe It was built off a 066 or some non-stock different STIHL NOS piston and cylinder. It has no decomp valve. It has a high output oiler, new large clutch cover and sports a Madsens 3/4 wrap handle. I will also include the stubby scrench for the bar nuts because this 3/4 wrap blocks them. It also has a three port muffler and a works tachometer.

When I got the saw I detailed the saw, used colormatched touch up paint on a few spots on the case and touched up a little of the STIHL logo on the recoil side. When I took the saw apart there was a part of the tank/handle assembly that was not quite right so I got a brand new tank/handle assembly for the saw. Also when I reassembled part of the saw I stripped the bolt holes for the AV bushing on the pto side of the saw. I fixed the issue by buying slightly longer stihl oem bolts and lock nuts to bolt the AV bushing back on. The fix in no way shape or form keeps this saw from being 100%. The fix is equal to or better than the original OEM design. I have included a picture trying to show the spot where the nut and bolt were used.

Since I have the had the saw I think I used it at one or two gtg's. It sits on a shelf and collects dust. I have included a video of the saw running. Before that video the saw had not been ran for 3-4 years. I fueled it and believe It popped on the 5th-6th pull. Then fired as normal. It is an awesome saw. At the last gtg I believe It was wearing a 36" bar. With the bar buried I believe It was running at 11k but don't quote me on that. Again it just sits there. I have recently moved and had my third child and can't justify this thing just sitting there.”

1200$ shipped? PayPal F&F

EBDE9D8C-E7AA-436E-94D8-835CD100DCBE.jpeg 9BCA4FE9-2435-42BC-9C54-6E1D1B095383.jpeg 74F031A6-D673-446E-BF3B-FA77C6C47205.jpeg 40E33791-6DDD-48C9-B35E-D948C8207379.jpeg 32DDB5C6-34EA-4514-9D8F-BABAAFF877AC.jpeg 4C74F473-5423-4AB4-AD19-46B55D6688AE.jpeg 2005BED8-DD38-4FCD-90D9-0611A071F7A3.jpeg


Living Life to the Full
Nov 5, 2014
I haven't taken the plunge over 100cc's yet. But I got a pair of 460's and 660's. Maybe a nice 084 or 088 one day.
Cole does have some sweet big saws, you should see his MMWS MS200 rear handle, and that 2511t:chainsaw::lol:.
Joking, he has those and a slew of big saws that would make you :baba:.