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    So my old wonder wood is coming out of the house. Still good, just eats lots of wood. Due to lack of any time to work on it my block building I'd like to put it in won't be done till next year. So I need a cheap way to run it in my 20 by 20 garage for one season. But around here people say wood burners and old out builds don't mix... it's mostly cause my new job keeps me working in the winter and my 4 outside dogs need a place to stay warm when I'm away. Unsupervised they get rowdy in the basement and I'd hate to keep them caged up all day. And it be nice on cold days to start the old tractor. I have 3 2 foot triple walls out in one of the out builds. Just need ideas to safely temporarily run the stove. It is an insured non air tight building with a 80 foot oak tree canopy above it... 20150809_121108.jpg

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