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May 17, 2016
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In all these videos I've been watching on woodcarving, I've also been checking out what kind of work table they use. I like the big tree trunk slab, like the old-timey butcher's block.
There's a yard on my way to work I've been checking out, they cut down some pretty big trees last year and it's all in a pile in their yard, near the road.
Well, today, they were having a yard sale. :happybanana:
he gave me the log and the table for free since they were wanting to call it a day, but I gave him a couple $$.

Moved the Saturn out and my new workbench in under the carport :dancing:

I'll bet it weighs about 100lbs, no way I could pick it up, but I was able to back the truck to the table and had only about a 12" drop - I prayed the legs didn't give out on the table when it went down!

Good to go. :yes:

I wonder, should I treat it with something to help preserve it?

DSC05303.JPG DSC05304.JPG