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    Ok I am posting this here because this company is so bad and I don't want other tree guys to waste their money or worse waste their time with this company.

    This is what happened....

    Cliff notes. I placed my order black Friday weekend. They took my money out of my account right away. Midway through the week after thanksgiving still no email about shipping. Called the company and the girl said we are behind but your order should be shipping soon. She said she looked it up.

    11/30. I get a email saying we had so much business black Friday weekend we are behind but will get orders out soon. If you don't get an email from us by next Friday to call us. I could not wait so I called today.

    The girl looked up the order again and said "oh I'm sorry that item is sold out". What? It was in stock when I placed my order. I asked her what she was going to do to make it right? She said they are working with the company to get more in and will know in the next week if they will have more. If not we will contact you and refund the money.

    What a F**K UP company.
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    What item?
    Still waitin*on a gear bar from Black Friday Sale.
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    Tree Stuff is not the same since the merge with Sherryl. Order from Shelter Tree.
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    I have been ordering from tree stuff for many years now. I have had problems in the past with last minute out of stock. But on the other hand. They have treated me well. I had a problem with a package. It was broken into and was missing some higher dollar items. I emailed them and they resented a replacement with no questions/ problems. Also I had a problem with one of the delivery companies. (They don’t deliver to the drop of area) very frustrating. I once again emailed them about the problem. They used the other delivery company with out any extra charge. They must have me on there Record system still today, because I don’t have a problem today.

    As a pro tree guy. I strongly recommend to create a relationship with your supplier of choice and stick with them. In the long run you will start saving and get things done faster than the guy that chase the “now saving game”

    But on the other hand. I agree that Tree Stuff had changed and don’t have the same vib.

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