Yes!! I brought a splitter home with me yesterday.

Discussion in 'Firewood, Heating and Wood Burning Equipment' started by Kensterfly, Jul 9, 2011.

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    @Nosmo. I like it! Using scrap material goes with the culture of being a scrounger. The only thing is.... my beam does not have any pre-drilled hoes and I sure don't have a drill capable of drilling through that beam. I'll have to do a 'buddy check' and see which one want to help me out for a case of his favorite flavor.

    @Avalancher. Yes, I'm happy that this came up and that, after a lot of frustration, the good lady came through for me.
    As for the pawn shop Cub Cadet 27, if she had taken my offer of $800 it would have been in the stable instead of the Huskee 35.
    $800 might have been worth the risk re: the cylinder. But for $200 more... I win!
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    You dont need any kind of special or heavy duty drill to drill through that beam, a walmart $29 drill will do the job.Just keep your speed down slow and keep the bit cool with a squirt of oil every fifteen seconds or so and there you go!
    Again, congrats on your purchase, may your days be full of heaping wood piles, your nights of restless legs and sore muscles, and your wallet full of dollar bills not handed over to the gas man!

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