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Yet again, more Lombardy Poplars

Discussion in 'Tree Care Videos' started by rbtree, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. rbtree

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    May 5, 2001
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    Removal of two large poplar, plus a few "sprouts", which ranged from 10 inches in diameter to 20 and up to 70 feet tall or so. Day one produced two full loads of chips--about 36 yards... We will have Marilyn's Recycle pick the junky wood with their grapple truck.. and they can grab the butts, so we won't have to face them up to drop them. Today, we are going to try to remove the chain link fence with a Sawzall and wire cutters--afraid it might be grown in in places, which will mean we won't be able to stump grind those area--I will poison the stumps first before stump grinding... gotta stop the ubiquitous sprouting of these worthless weed trees.Day 2 was another 2 full loads of chips..finished today, 9/12... dropped the rest of the wood, and the grapple truck got it, and "craned" the butts. 2 truckloads of wood.....

    These poplars were super dense and brushy, probably why they were only about 110 feet tall, if that....it did make for some mighty long cuts, many of which brushed obstacles on their way down.... no harm, no foul though.

    There are other poplar albums on my flickr page..and youtube.... including the biggies which were 148 feet tall, 5, 6, and 7 ft at ground level, which with two climbers and 4 working the ground, we had down to the sticks in 1.67 days. Craned the wood in a few routine and easy hours another day. $11800 labor..might have included the small crane bill, I don't recall. I'd guess we produced close to 150 yards of chips that time!!


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