Yukon-Eagle "Klondike" Wood/Coal Furnace

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    Upper Peninsula of Michigan
    The heating season is getting underway in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Escanaba, although been 50-ish lately, kind of warm!) and our Yukon-Eagle "Klondike" wood/coal furnace installed last February is making me thumb my nose at the propane dealer! This furnace is superb! While it wasn't fully installed until half of last year's heating season was past, this heating season will give me a good indicator of how much wood/coal I'll burn. Have ample supplies of both on hand. When burning wood the furnace lights effortlessly and starts generating heat in minutes. We have a 2500 sqft ranch with a large, open great room, and that furnace cranks out BTUs like nothing I've seen before. The installed propane furnace is now our "backup" and what a difference. When heating with wood or coal you get a steady supply of thorough, even heat. The propane furnace, like any gas device, comes on, heats up, goes off, house cools, heat back on, et al. With the wood/coal furnace, even when there isn't a demand, you get steady heat coming up through the duct work. When the temps are in the 20's we actually have to open some "windowstats" because of the copious quantities of heat this furnace generates. When it gets below zero the whole house stays a nice, toasty 75degF. If you load it correctly, with either half or whole logs, it'll burn up to 8 hours before it needs restoked. When on coal 12 hours is easily the norm. Even after buying the furnace and the cost of installation, I figure I'll recoup the cost in less than 5 years, and that was using last year's (cheaper) cost of propane.

    Thanks Yukon-Eagle! You guys are great!! :hmm3grin2orange::bowdown::msp_thumbup:
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    NW Ohio
    Glad to hear everything is going well with your furnace!

    I bought a used Norseman 2500 wood/coal furnace and have lit her up a few times since I installed it a few weeks ago. My results are much like yours. Constant heat output, needing to open windows and I'm getting close to 9 hours burn time now with ash/oak/elm. None of which is very seasoned.

    It was 82 in my living room the other day. Kinda warm!
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    I'm happy to hear your story Dennis...and thank you for your testimonial.
    You should be set for the next 20-30 years.

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