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Yup, this is wood heat weather.



Lost in the 50s
Nov 17, 2010
On the Cedar in Northeast Iowa
Sorry Blazin, didn't mean t leave ya' hangin'... but all this talk of boobs got me a bit distracted :msp_ohmy:

What is all that White stuff on the ground there?
It looks cold...
All that cold White stuff is gone... been gone for a few days now.
So far this week the weather has been near perfect... loads of sun, light winds and daytime high temps running a few degrees either side of 70. Looks like we're in for one more little cool-off (and maybe one or two more fires)... "they're" predicting a high only in the upper 40's for Saturday. But next week appears it could possibly be full-fledged summer with highs in the 80's.

Heck, if'n it don't rain for the next couple days I might even be able to till the garden this weekend!
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