1. F

    Farmertec 090 Aftermarket Cylinder Options

    I'm currently building a farmertec 070 clone and I wanted to use the bigger bore 66mm cylinder for the 090 conversion, for extra ccs for milling, but I wasn't happy with the farmertec cylinder quality for the 66mm (the 58mm was much better). The finish outside was splotchy and the ports weren't...
  2. Sheep_wrangler

    Want to buy 070/090 or 880 for milling

    Looking to purchase a saw as a back up to my 070 as I rebuild it. Been in high demand lately. Located in South Carolina.
  3. Gerhard

    Right bar lenth for my new Stihl MS210 concidering the following

    Hello to all from Bulgaria. I'm new here. I am a mechanic by trade and have "retired" to Bulgaria 3 years ago at age 36 where I live off grid and do my own thing. If there is anything I can advise on, feel free to ask. Over that time I had accumulated a few saws. I have a 028 avs wood boss...
  4. S

    070 recoil issues

    So I have an 070 for milling and a while back on eBay I saw those Chinese recoils for 25 bucks and bought one to have just in case. Well just in case happened the other day and I was thanking my past self for buying a spare. But when I went to change them out I discovered they’re completely...
  5. H

    070 clone side tensioner

    I have a 070 chinese clone for milling slabs. The tension screw has been giving me trouble due to its location just inside the bar. The metal is also cheap and the screw keeps striping no matter how many times I take it out and regrind it. I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to modify a saw...

    Selling my 090

    I'm new to this site other than coming here to read old posts when I need info that I can't find elsewhere. So I'm not sure if this post is going to be in the right place on the site but here goes nothing. I have a Stihl 090 that I purchased and was going to use it for milling but before I had...
  7. Ibeatgodzilla

    Want to buy Stihl Contra top cover

    Hi all, I had the luck to acquire a model 1106 Contra yesterday. It's old and used, but all there except for the top cover (same as 070 and 090 if I'm not mistaken?). I realise I'm looking for a very hard to find item, on the other hand I realise there are people who restore these saws and the...
  8. Bedford T

    Huztl FarmerTec 070 Build Thread with upgrade info and completed saw

    Just look at that clutch I am going to go ahead and start this thread. The kits are expected to be ready no later than 1st part of May and then a little...
  9. Dibbs

    The Beg for Manuals Thread

    Whether you require an Operators Manual, Workshop Manual or Illustrated Parts List this is the place for you! Please list the Manuals you require but no other questions or off topic crap. Obviously the Forum does not condone breaking Copyright Laws, but it is up to the...