chain grinder

  1. Cobus

    Chain Grinders

    Hey guys, I have a opportunity to buy a Bell industries K6 chain grinder in good condition and a silvey chain grinder in good condition. Guy told me to make an offer and I don’t have a clue as to what to offer for these. Something fair for him and I would be great. Any information would be good...
  2. Stonewoodiron

    Slow chainsaw milling/ pushing hard

    Just wanted to post a recent experience which may help someone. May already be on here in some form,but, here it goes. I remember Bob L (a member) giving me chain advice earlier in my chainsaw milling adventures. He said he hand files in the field and then grinds in the shop- I now know why. I...
  3. U

    Sold Chain Sharpener Bench Grinder Super Jolly Or Oregon 620

    I am in the market for a new or not abused Super Jolly or (same thing) Oregon 620 Hydraulic bench chain sharpener. Let me know if you have one, we can discuss the price and shipping. Tecomec Super Jolly 700-010 Oregon 620-120, Oregon 551462 I am considering the 410 but am leaning towards the...
  4. dstrick

    Oregon 620-120 Unpackaged

    Just received Oregon 620-120 from Amazon. Looks to be new and unopened. Wheels are unbroken and ring. I will mount it to a board, clamp it to my bench and start sharpening soon!
  5. F

    Want to Buy Silvey Pro Sharp or SDM4

    First, I'm new to posting on Arborist site but have been reading the forums here for quite a while. I live in British Columbia and am a faller up here.I am looking to buy a Silvey Pro sharp or SDM4 grinder is decent or repairable condition. Thanks, Gryphon
  6. JakeG

    Want to Sell Oregon 511AX - $220 SHIPPED

    Selling my Chain Grinder, Oregon 511AX. I purchased from a member here a few years ago with intentions of doing a lot of tree work locally here in Houston. I kept my chains touched up in the field and never once used the grinder. Below you'll find several pics and a video of it working. It will...