chainsaw mill

  1. S

    Chain recommendations for cleanest cut

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and using my old chainsaw to mill lumber. I recently hooked an Alaskan style mill to my old 78 husky 61 rancher to mill some old gluelam beams for a table top. While I was able to do what I wanted I am wondering if I can get a cleaner cut with a different...
  2. H

    Cutting crooked

    Hey I have a homemade chainsaw mill that is cutting crooked (pulling to one side). If the chain is sharper on one side would it pull to the dull or sharp side? Thanks
  3. Eric Vogus

    Picnic table

    Don’t think it will be ready for Christmas but this is a piece I am making for my girlfriend. It will get flattened sanded and epoxied like a bar top. The wood all came from property that has been her mom and dads since 1971. She inherited it 23 years ago. No body ever did anything with it. Till...
  4. minigrowl

    To fell and mill a center rotting black walnut or let it grow?

    I have a 31' DBH black walnut in my woods that I discovered a hole leading to the center about 2 feet above the ground and 6-8'' of the center rotted away. There are several other black walnuts in this part of the woods but this is the biggest (not by much) and I like the campground look of this...
  5. Eric Vogus

    Trying out homemade CSM.

    This was my first run over 5ft. First time I have had the two sections together. Made 2- 2x6.and 2-1x6’s 9ft Long. They came out square and on size. Some slight deviation but close enough for me. And some various other boards just testing and tuning.
  6. Eric Vogus

    New to milling.

    After spending the summer starting a build on heavily tree 5 acre lot and seeing all of the spruce trees have been beetle killed I decided I did not want to use them all for firewood I decided I want to try milling . I looked at the cheap Alaska chainsaw mills I decided to build my own. It is...
  7. BereanAuden

    Want to Sell Stihl Rollomatic 32" .050 **NEW

    •Cutting Length 32" (80cm) •Pitch .375" (3/8) •Gauge .050" (1.3mm) •Drive Link Count 105 •Nose Sprocket 11 teeth •Weight 4.9Lbs (2.2kg) $120 Brand New bought from Dealer I use .063 so no need for this 32" .050 rollomatic. I can drill holes in each end of you want this for your mill. I like...
  8. jovol

    Suggestions for Milling setup for 36" maple

    Hello tree people, I am a budding arborist, and I recently felled my first big trees. One of them is a 35" maple tree. I'm preparing to mill it with my chainsaw mill and MS660, however I'm looking for advice on how to move the 11' logs. Right now they are sitting in a line without any gap...
  9. R

    Jonsereds 90 in chainsaw mill.

    Hello all. Been awhile since I posted. I am looking for some advice. I have an old jonsereds 90 that I was thinking of using in a G777 Small log chainsaw mill. The saw is in great shape and runs fantastic. I just worry that it might put to much of a strain on it and shorten its life. I have a...
  10. Jesse snowden

    Quality of second or third growth timbers in Pacific North West?

    Been a while gentlemen! Quick overview: Bought my first house. Everett washington, about 20 miles north of Seattle. On craigslist in this area you can buy douglas fir logs fresh from the mountains by the truck load. It's not cheap, but not nearly as much as a lumber package from a saw mill...
  11. Johnnybar

    Two 660's vs One 880 or 3120

    Fellas, I have some gargantuan Oaks to fell eventually (5'+ above the flare) and will be needing to slab them where they fall. I'm thinking with Huztl 660's being so nicely priced that a two powerhead 5'-6' cutting capacity bar might be the way to go vs an 880 or equivalent. That would be 14+...
  12. manwithsaw

    Seeking Custom Milling; Northeast, 50+"

    Looking for someone who can mill large logs in the northeast, especially central Vermont. Bandsaw or circular saw preferred, CSM considered. Long, wide logs All tips appreciated. Thanks! .
  13. Johnnybar

    I had a breakdown not a chainsaw more below!

    I broke down to AS peer pressure! Yes I blame all of you! :laugh: Just placed an order for a Huztl MS660 and a bunch of misc stuff including a 36" Holzfforma chainsaw mill on sale for $57.41 + s for the next 20 hrs or day+20 hrs. It states "1 DAY 20:04:32" as of now. Can't wait for it to...
  14. 2

    Woodbug Sawmill for Sale

    I have a Woodbug chainsaw mill for sale. There are 3 x 10ft sections with an 18" extension on one. Can cut up to about 30ft when all sections are used together. Everything is included: log dogs, dimension stops, bar, 2 ripping chains (1 new), carriage, filing jig, video, user manual. Located...
  15. jrmywstr

    Service manual for Stihl 084 wanted (oiler question...)

    First thing, I'm looking for the service manual for a Stihl 084, electronic copy would be great. On a related note: I have been using an 084 on my chainsaw milling setup for a while now, love this saw! However, I am not getting as much bar oil delivery as I'd like. With the oiler cranked up to...
  16. B

    Chainsaw Mill Christmas Project - New here

    Hi arboristsite I lurk here all the time, but have never posted ETA- yes I read the newbie thread about chainsawmills, but neither of my questions below were covered there. I am (last minute) planning to build a small wagon for my kids as a Christmas present. I want to do it 100% by hand, and...
  17. tugmyroo

    066 Mill help

    Hello hopefully you can help me with my problem when I start cutting a log the first couple inches of the cut things go as they should but then after about one foot it seems like the saw gets stuck and is unable to cut the wood. It will not bite into it at all. I am using a ripping chain. at...
  18. NateleeWi

    Panther good csm? Or???

    I found a guy a couple hours away from me with a panther 2 mill. 48 " never used. Was selling with bar and chain. For 365. But got him to separate it out as bar won't fit my saw. He wants 165 for the mill? Looked online they are about 189 new plus shipping. I think I'd have more in the. Gas at...
  19. CoreyB

    The homemade from scrap $150.00 CSM

    Ok I have really wanted to start milling my own wood. However with a budget of $150.00 and had no idea of how, I had to really think outside the box. So a searched this forum and started gathering all the info I could. After many nights of reading and searching. I got started. First I found...
  20. Butter_Beard

    Husqvarna 394/395 Build - Best Places for parts?

    1603 Just got this crank case off eBay. It's a 394, smooth spinning and no play in the bearings. Since the 394 carbs are a lot cheaper, and I need everything from nose to fart box on this thing, I'm thinking about getting a 394 carb and the conversion kit, as the kit comes with all the linkage...