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    McCulloch Mac 15 bar and chain size

    I recently acquired a Mac15 without a bar and chain. It looks like it is in otherwise complete shape. I've seen a manual, but the one I have done not have bar or chain information. I'd like to get a bar and chain to fully get this one up and running. Does anyone know what the specifications of...
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    Want to Buy Homelite SXL 925

    Hello fellow chainsaw fans, I am looking for a Homelite SXL 925 (parts saw) to buy for a restore project I started a short while ago. Doesn’t have to be a runner as long as it is intact and doesn’t have a bunch of magnesium rot or other physical damage. I am also searching for a decent...
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    Sears U4D Restoration

    Several years ago I bought an old chainsaw and started restoring it. I've never finished it but recently regained interest in it. I believe it's a Sears U4D and would like to know where to find decals for it. I have also misplaced a few parts so I need to know where I might can find those...