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  1. K

    Stihl ms201t idle out of control

    I have recently rebuilt an older Stihl ms201t and now I cannot slow the idle down! I have installed new piston rings and ported the muffler. The only re-conditioning I did to the carb was to replace the plastic metering diaphragm and on the other side, the rubber pump (diaphragm). It starts...
  2. Pakai Boti

    Walbro WA9 on Xenoah G35AV

    Hello.I got a Xenoah chainsaw from a friend, but i don't know where the H needle from the carb is.It is a walbro wa9 carb, I searched on google but no results... any ideas where can i get a whole carb or just the needle?Can you give me more info about this saw?
  3. P

    Idles too fast - Stihl MS-250

    I have a 6 year old Stihl MS-250 that idles much too fast, so much so that the chain won't stop moving. So far I have rebuild the Zama RB 105 carburetor with a new kit, replaced all of the rubber parts(fuel line and filter and impulse line) and even tried one of those Chinese Zama knock-off...