1. J D

    Homelite C-51

    Found while sorting out a derelict house down our road... Pulls over & feels like it's got good compression, manual oiler seems to work to. Might end up in the "you suck" thread if I get to keep it ;)
  2. K

    Just bought An Old Chainsaw. Info needed please.

    Hi everyone. I’m pretty new here so bare with me. I really like old direct drive chainsaws. Have some Stihl ones, Old Poulan/Dayton, and some old Husqvarna chainsaws. Love em all. Today I just purchased from the bay, an old Sears D-44 chainsaw. Part # 917.351061 (17in bar) 917.351071...
  3. Camperspecial

    ID old homelite. Xl900?

    Possible project saw. Don’t have it in front of me. Is there and way to tell the exact model? The guy knows nothing about saws so can’t ask him too many questions.
  4. SawTuner

    Sold Homelite super 1130g

    I have this homelite super 1130g that I'm selling. Saw starts and runs great, cuts like a beast. This is a very late version of these saws, has the hand guard and a rim drive sprocket which are not very common on these. Saw comes with the 42" homelite sprocket nose bar with .404 full skip chain...
  5. O

    Homelite bandit PART HELP

    Hello all, Im currently cleaning up a little Homelite Bandit LX-30 - I dont have many plans for it other than id just like to get it running and functional - Everything is in good condition, Im just in need of a new carb for it (Screw holes stripped unfortunately) - And then the black Heat Dam...
  6. A

    Want to Buy Homelite SXL 925

    Hello fellow chainsaw fans, I am looking for a Homelite SXL 925 (parts saw) to buy for a restore project I started a short while ago. Doesn’t have to be a runner as long as it is intact and doesn’t have a bunch of magnesium rot or other physical damage. I am also searching for a decent...
  7. A

    Want to Sell Saw this clean Homelite SXL 925 post on FB

    I originally saw a thread about this saw on ***. The posting appeared to have been taken down pretty quick, but was recently reposted again (with change in price). Ad says local pickup only, so for those interested and in the area, here is link to the reposted ad for the saw: Clean 925 for sale...
  8. Tree_Frog

    Sorry, can someone help me identify the year this Homelite Super 2 was made?

    This might help me narrow down which carb rebuild kit I need as well as duckbill valves, air filter, spark plug, etc.
  9. A

    Want to Buy Homelite SXL-925 for parts

    I recently made the mistake of loaning out my 925 and received it back with a broken flywheel. Looking to buy either running or non-running SXL 925 saw for parts. Since I need a new flywheel, I prefer one that has the later model flywheel (96801A) intact. Piston and cylinder in good shape would...
  10. A

    Want to Buy Homelite 925 flywheel (96801A)

    Hello, New forum member here. I sure wish I knew about this site a long time ago. There is so much knowledge here. Hours can easily go by just reading through posts. Of course my favorite so far, are the chainsaw sections. I figured I give this forum a try. I have searched high and low for a...
  11. G

    Homelite XL (UT-10515B) Chainsaw Bar/Chain, Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site, and new to DIY mechanical skills on 2 cycle equipment. I recently acquired a free Homelite XL (UT-10515B) 10" Chainsaw with automatic oiling, however, it did not fire up, even after adding fresh premix (40:1). I removed the spark plug, sprayed some...
  12. DSCN2069.JPG


    Vintage Chainsaw Collection for Sale
  13. C

    Help with Homelite id

    Hi everyone, Could someone tell me what this rough ol’ beauty is? Sn is 59637. I’m guessing maybe Super XL but not at all sure.
  14. Supercharged86

    Sold 1981 HOMELITE SUPER EZ: Clean, nice condition, great compression, running!

    Dear Friends, For sale is this nice 1981 Super EZ Automatic, as usual it's been meticulously cleaned inside and out and looked over A-Z. Has new Walbro carb kit, fuel line, fuel filter, spark plug, duck bill valve and NOS Homelite #38 semi-chisel chain. The original 16" sprocket tip bar has...
  15. Supercharged86

    Want to Sell 1969 HOMELITE EZ AUTOMATIC, very clean, nice condition and good running.

    Dear Friends, This is a fairly nice '69 Homelite EZ Auto that has been meticulously cleaned inside and out, has been looked over A to Z and is running good. The Homelite bar has been re-stenciled using the originally designed artwork (ideal for display purposes only, would not likely last with...
  16. dirty

    Want to Sell Homelite 550 PROJECT SAW PHO

    Selling my Homelite 550 PHO project. It spins over with what feels like good compression, a JB-weld fuel tank repair to the upper clutch side of the tank, a chip missing from its clutch cover , and a chip missing from its air filter cover. It is untested. $175.00 plus the ride.
  17. Capnhenry

    Want to Buy Want to buy Homelite 450 or 550

    I'm looking to buy a Homelite 450 or 550 running or parts saw as I already own a few. Thanks
  18. LesPro

    Homelite 330 carb

    I need help diagnosing my Homelite 330. First I am looking for an instruction manual or at least an exploded parts picture specific to my model#. I've found some online that are close but no cigar. The problem: Hard to start, when it does the idle runs away- way too high. The moment I take the...
  19. H

    Want to Buy Homelite stack muffler

    Looking for a stack muffler for my homelite XL 12. Anyone around the great white north able to help me out? Thanks!
  20. Woodslasher

    Sold Vintage Homelite, Pioneer, and Monkey Wards chainsaws

    Up for sale are some of my extra chainsaws. I have a Pioneer Farmlite that has no spark for $100, and a Pioneer 550 for $50. All the saws are $50 each unless otherwise noted. There are 2 montgomery wards saws. The montgomery wards are $100 plus shipping. I also have various Homelite parts. I...