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  1. J

    Want to Sell McCULLOCH MAC110

    Yes I'm trying to figure out what MAC110 is actually worth I'm not familiar but I know that it's exclusive and I know that it's old and I know it's rare can somebody give me some information on what the value of this chainsaw is worth?
  2. E

    Mcculloch SP80

    Does anyone have a good spot to get air filters for their old school Mcculloch SP80/81’s? Or am I stuck buying OEM filters off flea bay? Just scored a Super Pro 80 and I’m starting to rebuild it but the air filter is toast.
  3. A

    Pro mac 800 decomp valve

    Hi All, Recently picked up a pro mac 800 saw that unfortunately is missing a decomp valve. Looking for knowledge of any other saws valves that might work or if could plug with bolt and still run? What size is thread for bolt replacement.
  4. N

    McCulloch Model 740 Parts Diagram?

    I just acquired a '63/'64 McCulloch Model 740. Does anyone have a manual/parts diagram?
  5. powerhomelite900g

    Want to Buy Mcculloch 1-85 flywheel or whole parts-saw

    Good day, i been searching for a flywheel with good magnets for my mcculloch 1-85 chainsaw ? I would also be interested in a whole parts-saw or in a good working machine... I come from germany but i have a reliable partner in the usa who could forward the package to me best regards, Kestel
  6. Boatswain

    Want to Buy McCulloch Eager beaver 2.1ci ignition coil

    I've got a mostly complete McCulloch Eager beaver 2.1ci chainsaw that is missing a coil, if anybody could point me in the direction to find or purchase one that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.
  7. H

    Just bought An Old Chainsaw. Info needed please.

    Hi everyone. I’m pretty new here so bare with me. I really like old direct drive chainsaws. Have some Stihl ones, Old Poulan/Dayton, and some old Husqvarna chainsaws. Love em all. Today I just purchased from the bay, an old Sears D-44 chainsaw. Part # 917.351061 (17in bar) 917.351071...
  8. J

    McCulloch Super LG-2

    Hi guys! Job here from the Philippines. I need help on a MCCulloch Super LG-2. I am planning to rebuild this saw, replace the piston and cylinder kit. I am currently looking at a Mac 2-10 piston and jug. I want to know if the 2-10 kit will fit the Super LG-2 before buying it. I am currently new...
  9. J

    Identify old McCulloch

    Hi guys! Job here from the Philippines! I need help on identifying this old McCulloch chainsaw I got. There's no identifying marks on it. I'm having trouble starting it as well. Thanks guys.
  10. Supercharged86

    McCulloch Mini-Mac 6 starter drum/pulley #83876

    Hello Friends, Does anyone know of a U.S. aftermarket source for a MM6 starter drum/pulley, I believe it's #83876. There is one available on eBay but from a UK seller. Thanks in advance. Steve
  11. C


    Looking for a manual Sn 44048 Also year
  12. C


    Looking for a manual Sn 44048 Also year
  13. T

    Want to Buy McCulloch 1-62 filters

    I'm looking to buy an air filter and fuel filter for a 1-62. I haven't had the tank apart yet so I don't know if they have replaceable fuel filter or not but any info would be nice.
  14. T

    McCulloch 1-62

    Hello all, I have recently bought a 1-62 powersaw and I'm looking to convert it from 1/2" chain to either .404 or 3/8". Really whatever I can get my hands on. I have searched far and wide and came up empty handed so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks. (My reason for...
  15. Rotax Steve

    McCulloch logo history. Saw identification

    New to this group and this is my first question post. I'm trying to identify if the McCulloch 7-10 Automatic I'm rebuilding is original. The tag # matches up with the 7-10 but the recoil has the older cMc rectangle logo and the chain cover is the large M. Is that common or is this a frankensaw...
  16. Butler outdoors

    Want to Buy Mac titian 30cc air filter

    I'm on the hunt for a McCulloch titian 30cc air filter. And leads? I've tried the usual suspects like eBay and can't find a thing lol any help is appreciated!
  17. L

    McCulloch 380 bar?

    Hi I recently bought an old 380 and was wound wrong of anyone knows what kind and were I can can get a bigger and new bar for it. It does not have and spec numbers on the side, all I how it is a McCulloch 380 that was made in the 60s I think. Thank you
  18. MDowless

    Want to Sell McCulloch BP-399-T for sale

    Hello all, This is my first post to Arboristsite so I apologize is this should be in a different section. I have a McCulloch BP-399-T that appears to have been never fired outside of testing. There are plugs in the exhaust ports and caps on the fuel lines. The tops of the pistons don’t show any...
  19. M

    Titan 57 - no hot starts

    Hi, I've got a Mcculloch Titan 57 that I like for light milling, but it absolutely will not start again once hot. I'm thinking possibly a bad coil, as I've gone through the carb (and fuel lines), and it does not seem to be running rich. I've been unable to find a replacement coil. Thoughts...
  20. Armbru84

    Sold Mint Mac 797

    Looking to sell my mint Mcculloch 797. It was re a few years back by Lee Harvey based on what I was told originally from the seller. I have ran a tank or so through the saw and it runs and oils as expected. Couple pcs of paint have chipped off around the bar studs as you can see in the pics. On...