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    Just bought An Old Chainsaw. Info needed please.

    Hi everyone. I’m pretty new here so bare with me. I really like old direct drive chainsaws. Have some Stihl ones, Old Poulan/Dayton, and some old Husqvarna chainsaws. Love em all. Today I just purchased from the bay, an old Sears D-44 chainsaw. Part # 917.351061 (17in bar) 917.351071...
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    David Bradley 5G21 Engine Identification

    Hello All, I am new to the forum and to vintage saws. I just picked up a David Bradley 5G21 hoping it has the AH 81 engine. After getting it home I am not sure. Can anyone help me tell if it is an AH47 or and AH81? I made it snort on carb spray so I know it has spark. The saw is mostly...