timing mod

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  1. eye.heart.trees

    How to discern *and* do a timing advance? And...what of plugging a decomp-valve with a LONGER bolt, to boost compression?

    Will start with the latter item (these are in-relation to my 590's "hot woods-port" project but also just to understand!) Decomp valves are often removed, am uncertain if the chief reason is their potential to fail, or their OEM characteristics (my understanding is they ALL cause some...
  2. thefarmboy21

    Husqvarna 55 build: Anyone done a timing advance or have any port timing #'s?

    Started tearing down my open port Husky 55 today. Bought it as a parts saw, because it was bell to be blown up, turns out the spark plug threads were stripped. So I figured I'd pull the jug and fix it and while I'm at it, do some port work and few other misc mods. Has anyone done a timing...