1. Gottoolz

    McCulloch 1-71 parts diagram

    Anyone have a 1-71 parts diagram? I got one I'm fixing up and it would sure be helpful! Trying to figure out how the fuel cap venting system goes together. What order the seals and springs are, etc. Thanks! ( It's the first one in the McCulloch line.)
  2. S

    Want to Sell Good rebuild 090

    Hi there just wanted to get some opinions about what’s a decent price for a good running 090? The top end was rebuilt with oe parts a few years back, has one small repair weld on lower handle. Come with like new 41” stihl bar. I see prices all over the place for these things. 3k - 1k ?? It’s a...
  3. J D

    Homelite C-51

    Found while sorting out a derelict house down our road... Pulls over & feels like it's got good compression, manual oiler seems to work to. Might end up in the "you suck" thread if I get to keep it ;)
  4. J

    McCulloch Super LG-2

    Hi guys! Job here from the Philippines. I need help on a MCCulloch Super LG-2. I am planning to rebuild this saw, replace the piston and cylinder kit. I am currently looking at a Mac 2-10 piston and jug. I want to know if the 2-10 kit will fit the Super LG-2 before buying it. I am currently new...
  5. IJWallace

    Sachs 116 Wildcat

    Hi, Anyone know what its worth? picked it up for £30 rebuilt it, works really well but just can't find any others online. Even any info on the "Wildcat" would be interesting
  6. IJWallace

    Want to Buy Danarm 55 ignition coil

    Hi, I’m now on getting a spark from my danarm 55 I’m trying to restore. I think it’s the ignition coil and when I pulled off the wire cover I don’t think the positive was connected. Can someone please help with how it should be wired or where I can buy a replacement because I’m pretty sure it’s...
  7. MattLinq

    McCulloch Identification

    I have two McCulloch chainsaws that are both gear drive and I do not know what model they are, I would really appreciate some help with the identification of these saws!
  8. H

    Pioneer P21 flywheel nut

    Hi friends, I am in the process of bringing an old P21 back to life. The threads on the flywheel nut are stripped away so it will need replacing. Anyone out there familiar with a part that will fit correctly? Nut size and thread pattern perhaps.. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  9. L

    Dolmar Kms-4 for sale

    For sale. $400. The saw was running a couple of months ago and the pull start mechanism broke. Selling power head only. Bar not included. Selling as is . I believe it to be the only rotary powered chainsaw ever made .
  10. E

    What chain for old Jonsered?

    Pictures: Hello- I'm very new to working on chainsaws, and just use it for home use. Chopping down trees, bucking them up, etc. My dad gave me this saw rebuilt for christmas a couple years ago and it's time for a new chain...
  11. Wright Saw

    New (to me) chainsaw: 1977 STIHL 031 AV

    So, I got a couple new chainsaws recently. Was working on them for a customer but ended up getting to keep them because of how much the repairs would cost. One is a new-ish (2013) plastic Homelite 3816 C chainsaw, with carry case. It idles, but won't rev up, even after replacing fuel...
  12. Aaron Rybicki

    Any Saw Collectors up Michigan way?

    Just wondering if there are any chainsaw collectors around my neck of the woods. I'm up in Manistee County, MI. I'm starting a collection myself. Mostly 70s Macs. I can't be the only one around here with the Yellow Fever. But if you collect any type and live nearby, gimmie a shout.
  13. J

    Vintage parts saws, what are they worth?

    I'm a newbie when it comes to procuring parts for my newfound interest. The responsible side of me thinks that paying $100 for a vintage parts saw is too much. Sellers on ebay seem to think otherwise. Is there that much demand to justify the price? I guess the price is whatever one is willing to...
  14. johnnyrock70

    Help ID old Poulan..year & model

    Newly acquired. Any help with model and year produced is appreciated. Thxs.
  15. Kensie1988

    Sold Partner R16 With Bow

    I have a running Partner R16 in pretty good shape with a bow bar, It needs a chain because the chain was trashed, the bar needs some dressing but I believe the stellite tip is still good. I am currently at work so as soon as I get home I will upload pictures of the saw and check to make sure...
  16. hawkmoto

    Want to Sell Super 1130g Homelite Vintage 100cc Saw

    Excellent condition Runs and cuts now Could lead a collection 27" bar 100cc 6500rpm Homelite Super 1130g Classic Muscle Saw
  17. 40oz

    Want to Sell Vintage Mcculloch 10-10S. NEW in original box.

    Hate to do it but im Selling my Vintage, Brand New in original box, Mcculloch 10-10S. Starting bid is 2 bones, no reserve. Goodluck Y'all...
  18. Johnpamac

    Sold Stihl 041G, $550

    Stihl 041G that has not been run in over 10 years. New bar in 2007, not used since bar installed. Bar was over $100, 20". Has not been started since then, until today. Saw has 165lbs compression. Started right up, sounds good. Comes with 2 extra chains and Stihl tool kit. The 041G is rare...
  19. paulhogan87

    Want to Sell Stihl S10 for sale!

    Here is my old S10. Dad used to a lot growing up. I had to replace one of the metal guide bars last year. Last summer it ran. Haven't started it this year. Has a freshly sharpened chain. All I know is thisthing is a tank. Heavy but gets the job done. I just picked up a new Stihl 271 and want to...
  20. Kensie1988

    Sold Pioneer 650

    I would like to sell my Pioneer 650. It has the original bar and chain. I tried to get it running but couldnt. I dont think the sediment bowl was sealing well enough and pulling enough fuel. I dont know if it will even run anymore. The FM starter has been removed since I bought it and I no...