.043 chisel chain- does it exist

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Jan 6, 2011
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gold run CA
Hi - I've converted my 2511 to .043 from the stock .050 - i'm running a 14 inch bar - fits on the floor of my CTL nicely, front of my dirt bike, etc. and not interested in running 1/4 chain.

I had grinding the stihl safety rakers down (use 4 inch grinder and works OK) but i've notice in the burnt oak that chisel works a lot better than semichisel on my 261 and 461. So I'm trying to find some chisel 043 in 3/8 LP - the ones that have the smaller kerfs.

I got some archer chain today that meets these specs, but the kerf is the same as the bigger 050 chain, which makes the chain skip around a lot. the 043 is a lot better, have the saw MM'd.

Does anyone make decent chisel 043 with the smaller kerf? I see carlton/woodland pro has non safety semi chisel - but not sure if that's the small kerf one. wish i would have at least got a set of those if they are smaller keft than the green safety double raker chain by oregon and stihl.
Jan 16, 2013
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North eastern Ct USA
The smaller kerf choices I know of are Husky, Oregon, Stihl. I use the Stihl choice and do not lower the depth gauges or bumper drive link until maybe the 3rd sharpening, and there is not much after that. The stuff works great new.

The obsolete vx from oregon is the minimal in that 3/8lp 0.050 class. The px seems the same, shorter cutters depth gauges close to the edege not hanging out front, but with bumper drive link. Perhaps what Echo equips them with.

Oregon is supposed to be coming out with a new choice, .325 mini or something like that trademarked of course.