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Sold 1/4", .325, and 3/8 LP Chains-Cheap!


Saw Hoarder
Oct 19, 2009
I bought some stuff from a rummage sale and all of these chains were included, none of which fit any of my saws:

All chains appear new, except where noted.

From left to right:

SOLD 1/4" pitch, 49 DL
SOLD TWO 1/4" pitch, 60 DL One has some light pitting on the tie straps but cutters are good.

SOLD 325/,050 Oregon full chisel 55 DL
SOLD .325/.050 Oregon full chisel 58 DL
SOLD .325/.050 Oregon full chisel 60 DL

.325/058 Oregon full chisel 60 DL
USED .325/.058 full chisel/bumper drive link 72 DL
.325/.058 full chisel 71 DL

SOLD 3/8 LP bumper drive link 69 DL

Looking for $15 bucks plus shipping for the whole works or $2 per chain plus actual shipping.

I do have small envelopes to mail these individually or can throw the whole works in a small priority flat rate ($7.90)



Komatsu Iron Life
Jan 26, 2010
Western Pa.
That is a good deal. If Chipper don't want I will take them. PM me your PayPal info if it works out. Thanks, TLG

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