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Sold 2016 372 x-torq

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2016 HUSQVARNA 372 x-torq. Just finished case up rebuild. Aftermarket parts are clutch cover and felling dogs. SKF 6202c3 case bearings. New oem parts gaskets, seals, clutch bearing, hand guard, coil wire,o-ring, rewind spool and spring. Muffler was opened up under stock screen. Only muffler was painted, cases were not. Top cover and rewind covers are scratched, but no cracks. Motoseal was used on case and base gaskets. Blue thread locker was applied to muffler, case, oil pump and cylinder bolts. Cylinder and piston came from a J-red 2166 take off (purchased from Dan on parts thread), removed baffles from transfer covers, turning it into a 372 x-torq p/c. Saw runs nice. Paypal F&F $400 plus shipping UPS. Almost forgot, my camera takes better than actual pictures, so I have been told.


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Oct 24, 2014
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Hillsdale, MI
I rebuilt a 394xp for local tree service he had given me about 4 years ago. After rebuild he wanted it back, good friend, so it went back. Have seen them sitting around, most are beat up bad.
Beat up bad is what I want. I'm gonna throw new wear parts at it top to bottom and run it hard on a Granberg when I use it.