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Sold 372XT


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Dec 27, 2014
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Hurricane WV
I bought this saw back in April from fellow AS member and 372 guru @Duce. I put about 5 tanks through it, saw runs and oils great. I bought the saw for a job and haven’t ran it much since,just to block a few chunks of chestnut around the house. Rather than let it sit I figured I would pass it along to the next guy for what I have in it. I bought a 24” forester b/c setup for it, one new chain in package, one lightly used if buyer so desires. Price is $365 PHO + shipping or 395 with the bar and chains. Buyer add 3% for PayPal fees please. Below is the copy and pasted ad from when I bought the saw, I will note that it has a small crack in the plastic next to the kill switch that sometimes lets the switch pop out, but it is a very minor issue. Also I bought a new panari top handle and put on the saw. Duce, hope you don’t mind me rinse and repeating your post, if you do let me know and I will change it.

372xt cases, fuel tank,carb, intake boot, top cover and muffler are from a 2018 372xt. Crank is used oem in nice condition. Cylinder was removed from 365xt, ground out baffles making it a 372 (someone had posted, to use side cutters to remove major part of baffles first, works great, then die grinder and dremel with sanding drum. Piston is used with new Caber rings. Case bearings are oem Husqvarna, non-metal cage. Oil pump, bushing, spacer, (new) o-ring are oem and oils a lot (will turn down). Clutch is oem, drum is AM, chain plate is AM, drive sprocket is new, washer (thought I had an oem, but drilled thin washer and installed e-clip). Brake parts are used oem with new oem brake handle. Muffler is oem, dented and painted. New NGK spark plug. Fuel line and filter where in nice condition, new impulse line. Cases and wide clutch cover where painted. New Husqvarna decal on clutch, new rewind decal. Choke lever is from a 576 and a little longer than a 372's. Fasteners are mostly 27t, allen screw where used to attach muffler to cylinder and muffler to attachment plate. torq's holding plate to cases. Blue thread locker was used on cylinder, muffler and oil pump bolts.

Any questions, shoot me a PM. Thanks for looking.


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