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Sold Alpina Forest 120 Chainsaws With 48" Double End Milling Bar & Chains



ArboristSite Operative
Dec 13, 2017
Redding California
Two Alpina Forest 120 Chainsaws. Saws were last used in conjunction with a 48" milling bar about 10 years ago. Saws both have good compression and fired and ran out a prime. I have not pulled the mufflers but if someone is interested in these I can do that for you. One of them has a broken throttle linkage. Also the recoil on one of them doesn't go back in all the time.. One of them I believe is a later model than than the other.. I am dealing with a serious back issue and just haven't messed with these saws much. I will include the 48" milling bar and 3 chains.. The surface on the bar is pretty good on one side the other does have some pitting but could probably be resurfaced. There are three chains for the bar which will need to be soaked and loosened up. They aren't toasted just haven't been used in a long time. I also have the original manual which came with one of these saws. I would do 2300.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 on everything. Please PM me if you are interested, Thank you


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