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Want to Sell Automatic Saw Chain Sharpener

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Apr 5, 2016
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sw us
Ok this unit is brand new in the box here is is the blurb on it.
automatic bench chainsaw chain Sharpener is the must-have tool for keeping your chainsaw chains sharp, making your cuts safer & faster every time. The automatic Sharpener sharpens .325” & 3/8” low profile pitch chains. It is designed with wide angle adjustment from 0° to 45°. this tool is automatic, meaning it is accurate & precise every, single, time. No more guessing or trial & error sessions. This innovative tool features an LED readout for easy & quick viewing. Save time & increase your productivity ten-fold with this handy tool. It is programed to automatically shut off when the cutters are sharpened, which helps to ensure that your chains don’t get ruined. Heavy-duty steel construction includes a 150W motor for longevity & power. Gain fewer human Errors with the Timber Tuff automatic Sharpener; designed with adjustments for travel, depth, & aggressiveness, 110V input, 12V output. Consistent cuts on every tooth, helping the chain to perform better. Mount this Sharpener to any bench or surface easily. Set-up the Sharpener with the included step-by-step instructions, written to be easily understood. After set-up, this chain Sharpener will sharpen your chain with the push of a button! helps to keep your chain saw working like new with sharper, safer, & faster cuts.
Other than i have I know nothing about it.
However there is a YouTube video under Timber Tuff on set up.
It only sharpens .325 and 3/8 chains
I'm looking for $400 or best offer plus freight.


  • Chain sharpener IMG_1843.jpg
    Chain sharpener IMG_1843.jpg
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  • Chain sharpener IMG_1844.jpg
    Chain sharpener IMG_1844.jpg
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  • chain sharpener IMG_1845.jpg
    chain sharpener IMG_1845.jpg
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  • chain sharpener IMG_1846.jpg
    chain sharpener IMG_1846.jpg
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  • chain sharpener IMG_1847.jpg
    chain sharpener IMG_1847.jpg
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  • Chain sharpener IMG_1848.jpg
    Chain sharpener IMG_1848.jpg
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