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Dec 31, 2013
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I am looking at upgrading my dad's chainsaw grinder (currently uses a HF model) because of not sharpening chains good. So, I was looking at the Oregon models. I was first looking at the 410-120, but noticed that 520-120 does everything the 410 does plus you can center the wheel over the chain vise, though I don't know if it is worth twice the price for the 520 grinder.

We saw wood for heat and the chains that will be sharpened with it are Stihl 3/8 chain (yellow), Oregon 3/8LP and 18HX harvester chain. It might sound like we do it for business, but my dad likes building stuff.

So, I was looking for your thoughts on the better unit to get? If you have a different grinder that you think is better, don't be afraid add your suggestions.

Thanks in advance,