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Sold Echo 400 EVL . $95 plus shipping.

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ArboristSite Guru
Dec 17, 2015
I finally got a chance to do something enjoyable this afternoon and fired up this Echo 400 EVL.

Runs strong, loud, and crisp... then bogs and stumbles. Pump the trigger and it recovers, rev's up nice, then stumbles and stalls.Textbook case of needing a carburetor kit installed.

Overall it's pretty clean. Rubber grip on the rear handle is nice, not torn up or anything.
Top handle is nice, and the rubber grip on it is solid and grips the aluminum handle properly, without any slipping or squishing around.
Fuel and oil caps seal perfectly and thread on smoothly... nothing cross threaded or crunchy.
Polymer hand guard is nice, sun faded a bit, but stays firmly in place without flopping around.
Air box, felt air filter, and carburetor are very clean. No need to replace the air filter.
Recoil starter works fine, clutch cover fine, foot pad on rear handle is fine.
Don't see anything broken or cracked anywhere on the saw.
The chain has some surface rust on it, but is in good condition. The teeth have plenty of life and appear evenly/uniformly sharpened.
Banana guide bar is straight, sprocket turns fine, bottom rails have some nicks/wear, but it's still usable and functional.
Guide bar studs and nuts are fine, nothing cross threaded or broken.

$95 plus shipping. USA only.



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ArboristSite Guru
Dec 17, 2015
Let me know fairly quickly if you have any interest in this saw.
If it does not sell by the weekend, I'm going to order a carb kit and fuel filter next week Monday. At that point I'll have to repair it, raise the price to reflect parts and labor, and advertise locally as well as on A.S. at the higher price.
Once it has a carb kit installed and stays running, local homeowners will have more interest in it.

I figure for $95, it's worth it for a metal magnesium crankcase chainsaw. Plastic China saws are a lot more than that.


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